HSS Services

 HSS provide professional Health and safety services for large and small clients  in the  following  areas:

 Health and Safety Compliance

 Audits and assessment for compliance with OSHA and other regulatory requirements including worker exposure assessments, personal protective equipment reviews, and medical surveillance evaluation and development.

 Expert Consulting & Reports, Case and Expert Report Reviews, & Deposition Preparation 

 Provide expert health and safety consulting and investigations for preparation expert reports and  opinion(s) for legal counsel in cases involving worker injuries, accidents, exposures and regulatory compliance matters.  Complete case reviews, discovery development, lines of inquire for opposing counsel's fact and expert witnesses.  Review other expert reports and provide analysis and deposition preparation for opposing counsel experts.  

 Expert Testimony

 Serve as a testifying health and safety expert in cases involving worker injuries, accidents, exposures, and regulatory compliance and to provide expert opinions (s).