Health & Safety Services, LLC (HSS)                                                                                                                            HSS is Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) focused on providing high-quality                                                                               expert health and safety consulting services to clients.  We offer certified
                                                                            health and safety professionals with over 30 years of comprehensive

                                                                            experience within commercial, industrial, environmental, construction,
                                                                            defense and nuclear industries.

                                                                           HSS specializes in expert case consulting in matters involving accidents,
      injuries, occupational exposures, and OSHA compliance representing both plaintiff and defense counsels.

      We would appreciate the opportunity to support your specific health and safety needs.

      Bruce Miller, MS, CIH
      President, Health and Safety Services, LLC

  Health & Safety Services, LLC

   Expert Health & Safety Consulting, Reports and Witness Services